Patricia Tissera

Doctor en Astronomía, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina
Profesora Titular   patricia.tissera(at)


My research focus on galaxy formation and evolution, with special interest on chemical evolution. We work with numerical models and simulations, coding and performing cosmological and pre-prepared simulations.

On going research involves:

  • The formation and evolution of galaxies.
  • The effects of galaxy-galaxy mergers and interactions.
  • The formation and evolution of stellar haloes in galaxies.
  • Chemical evolution of galaxies and the circumgalactic medium.

A list of published papers can be found here and recent preprints here.



Ragnar cluster is dedicated to astrophysical projects which require access to dedicated computational power.Ragnar is a Bewoulf cluster  hosted by Universidad Andres Bello and funded by Fondecyt 1150334 and Nucleo Milky Way UNAB Projects.


Rubens Machado (UNAB, from March 2015)
Celeste Artale (IAFE, from April 2015)

PhD students:
Lucas Bignone (IAFE)
Sol Rosito (IAFE)
Emanuel Sillero (OAC)

Previous PhD students:
Maria Celeste Artale (IAFE, Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Tomas Tecce (Globant, software industry, Argentina)
Cecilia Scannapieco (IAP, Postdam, Germany)
Sebastian Nuza (IAP, Postdam, Germany)
Maria E. De Rossi (Researcher, Conicet, Argentina)
Leonardo Pellizza (Researcher, Conicet, Argentina)

Previous Licenciatura students:

Maria Celeste Artale (PhD student at UBA, Argentina)
Elisa Chisari ( Postodoc University of Oxford)
Abigail Ganopol (Comisión Nacional de Actividades Espaciales, Argentina)
Tomas Tecce (Globant, software industry)
Cecilia Scannapieco (IAP, Postdam, Germany)

Previous Postdocs:
Sofia Cora (Researcher and Professor at Universidad Nacional de La Plata)
Josefa Perez
Noelia Jimenez (Postdoc St. Andrew’s College, UK)
Owan Snaith